May 10, 2012

Since yesterday I got many emails that brought to my attention that Prof. Ioan Mang, the Romanian education minister, plagiarized a manuscript of mine, as well as papers of other people.

Indeed this is a case of plagiarism, where the paper "Square Attack Against Reduced Variants Of Rijndael" by Ioan Mang is an exact copy ("copy-paste") of the manuscript "Cryptanalysis of Reduced Variants of Rijndael" by myself and Nathan Keller.

But I would like to add that this plagiarism is not the only issue here that shows on the personality of Prof. Ioan Mang. You usually expect that a person that makes plagiarism will read the plagiarized paper first. However, it is clear that Prof. Ioan Mang never read not tried to understand the claims in the manuscript "Cryptanalysis of Reduced Variants of Rijndael". He could not even develop the same results on his own, because all the content of the manuscript "Cryptanalysis of Reduced Variants of Rijndael" is wrong. The fact that that manuscript appears on the Internet is only due to a mistake of a colleague that forwarded it without the consent of the authors, while already knowing of the mistake in it. Actually, I believe that Prof. Ioan Mang is the first person ever that did not immediately identify the mistake in the plagiarized manuscript.


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