I use AUTOMATIC anti-spam programs to discard emails from known spammers and spamming sites.
  1. If you use an Internet provider from which many spams are sent, or the content of your message is identified as spam by mistake, your email might be lost.
  2. If your email is not answered, and you wish to ensure receipt, use `this is not a spam' as the ONLY text in your subject line (again: in the subject line, this string exactly, this capitalization exactly, no additional nor fewer spaces, shorthands will not work, the subject line must not contain Hebrew or non-Latin characters).
  3. I would appreciate to know with whom I communicate. Emails without full name and details of the sender may not be answered.
  4. Any kind of consulting requests should only be made through my office phone (not by email, nor by a message in my answering machine).
  5. Please do not send requests for internships, as I will not be able to help you on this matter.
  6. Please do not ask for copies of my books. Most of the content of the book "Differential Cryptanalysis of the Data Encryption Standard" is included in the technical reports at the bottom of my publications page, and in Journal of Cryptology Vol. 4 No. 1.
  7. I am writing papers, not programs. Please do not ask for sources or executables of programs to break ciphers or hash functions, nor any other program. The few exception can be found on my web page.
  8. Technion Students: I do not give 0.5 and 1 point projects. Please do not ask for ones, certainly not by email.
  9. My privacy is important to me. I will not join facebook, linkedin and similars, nor will not read greeting cards in greeting card sites. Do not ask me to join nor become your friend in such sites.
  10. I do not have a gmail account, nor other free email accounts.
  11. And, do not send spam messages of any kind (this includes also conference announcements and calls for papers for conferences that are not in my area, nor fake ``invitations'' to conferences).

If you wish to ensure receipt, and you need to know that I received the email, then please follow the above rules, and ask me in the mail to send you an acknowledgement. Otherwise, if for any reason, your mail fails to pass my spam filter, I will just do not know about it.