Tiger and Serpent ASN.1 OID's

The Gnu project had kindly asigned ASN.1 OID's for Tiger and Serpent. (See http://www.gnupg.org/oids.html for more information). GNU project digestAlgorithm TIGER/192 encryptionAlgorithm Serpent Serpent-128-ECB Serpent-128-CBC Serpent-128-OFB Serpent-128-CFB Serpent-192-ECB Serpent-192-CBC Serpent-192-OFB Serpent-192-CFB Serpent-256-ECB Serpent-256-CBC Serpent-256-OFB Serpent-256-CFB

The way the OIDS to Serpent are assigned is similar to the NIST OIDs for AES.